Monday, March 28, 2011

Dearest Faux Fur, We Will Meet Again

 Warm weather is nearing, time to put our cold weather accessories to rest for a bit. I love all my scarves, sweaters, hats and such. But my faux fur is going to be the hardest to let go until winter comes again. There were three pieces in particular that stayed on me more than in the accessory section of my closet. Let me introduce you to 3 loves of mine; faux fur vest, faux fur neck cover, and faux fur neck shawl. All my friends and coworkers joked that I looked like a fox, squirrel, or some other furry animal. But when I put these unique additons with my outfits, it took my look to a different level. Once I paired my faux fur neck cover with a purple Victoria's Secret Pink hoody, black leggings, and chestnut Minnetonkas.  Next winter be sure to have your faux fur close by to accent some of your more simple outfits.

Faux Fur Pieces
From Joansie's Closet
from left: neck shawl(express), neck cover(target), vest(express)

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  1. Go seduction!!!! love love love #winningduh