Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recent Good Buys!!

Needed a few things to make the day go better. My weekend purchases!!

Crystal tassel necklace
I love love love a long thin chain with a CHARM.
(J. Crew)

Steve Madden '<em>Troopa</em>' <em>Boot</em> Womens Black Leather Size 6 M

I had to have these, a little trendy but they will be awesome for cold winter nights.
(Steve Madden)

Merona® Quilted Stand Collar Jacket - Assorted Colors
New fav jacket!!!! Until I can get my Burberry quilted jacket
$39.99 vs. $495.00 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Passionate For Polka....Dots

Beyonce in Marc Jacobs, she looks amazing! Check out his 2011 Fall Line featuring a plethora of Polka Dots
Shout Out to Shawn Carter!!
check my tights...(from Joansie's Closet)
This fall season find a pretty piece with polka dots. Put this timeless print on top and bottom to be fashion forward. Small scales work best for entire outfits while larger scales look great on top with basic pieces on the bottom!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Animal Print Is Here To Stay

Perfect way to mix leopard with white for a fresh spring look
Leopard is not only for fall and winter, show your leopard print
pieces lots of love all year long.
*Try lightweight leopard print button up top with tailored above the knee shorts in a bright hue.

One of my favorite leopard print looks
Colored leopard is a must have, browns are not the only way to go.
Tory Burch Reva Flats
 $225 at
*Try these with cropped
black skinny pants(
and black boat neck cotton top(jcrew,com)
A timeless look!
From Joansie's Closet
Brahmin Louise Rose Crimson Lady Melbourne B.g
$ 345.00 at

Faux Pashima Animal Print Scarves
Set of (3) $28.49 at
*Great additon to solid colored tops paired with your favorite jeans.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dearest Faux Fur, We Will Meet Again

 Warm weather is nearing, time to put our cold weather accessories to rest for a bit. I love all my scarves, sweaters, hats and such. But my faux fur is going to be the hardest to let go until winter comes again. There were three pieces in particular that stayed on me more than in the accessory section of my closet. Let me introduce you to 3 loves of mine; faux fur vest, faux fur neck cover, and faux fur neck shawl. All my friends and coworkers joked that I looked like a fox, squirrel, or some other furry animal. But when I put these unique additons with my outfits, it took my look to a different level. Once I paired my faux fur neck cover with a purple Victoria's Secret Pink hoody, black leggings, and chestnut Minnetonkas.  Next winter be sure to have your faux fur close by to accent some of your more simple outfits.

Faux Fur Pieces
From Joansie's Closet
from left: neck shawl(express), neck cover(target), vest(express)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring 2011 Trend: Color Blocking

This trend is said to be huge for Spring 2011. It's all over the runways and ads across the board. While using this trend, be sure to use bright and bold colors. Not all colors can be put together now, think back to what you learned in art class in elementary school. This spring oranges and corals are big, so anything with orange will be sure to up your color blocking themed outfit. Oranges go great with navy, emerald green, purples, creams, and reds. Don't be afraid to throw on a few bold colors, trend reports have definitely approved this one. If you are skeptical in doing so, cinching your waist with a neutral belt or donning a neutral jacket will tone down your bright hues. This Spring, show your bright personality and your bright sense of style with color blocking.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Joansie Rose, the Shopaholic and Fashionista

Joansie Rose here, starting this fashion blogging thing. Let's see, fashion is more than clothing and putting garments together. It's a way of life. My life is fashion and I love it. The ones that are close to me and know passion say I have a problem with shopping. I say you have a problem if you don't shop. I actually don't think I buy enough.

 There's one fashionista that I have known for a lifetime. She's my sister, Bri is her name! We both enjoy this fashion thing the same. She's a big motivational figure in my obsession for putting together great looks. My fashion sense seemed to take off after I became a mother in December 2009. Farrah Christian, my fabulous daughter, has made me want this thing more and more.

I love styling, buying, and of course shopping. I could do it everyday if my purse allowed me to do so. But for now I want to spread my knowledge, love, and fashion energy to all that are just as passionate as I. I plan to do some designing in the near future, so stayed tuned.

Photos coming soon of great looks, inspirations, and wonderful fashion!!!