Saturday, March 26, 2011

Joansie Rose, the Shopaholic and Fashionista

Joansie Rose here, starting this fashion blogging thing. Let's see, fashion is more than clothing and putting garments together. It's a way of life. My life is fashion and I love it. The ones that are close to me and know passion say I have a problem with shopping. I say you have a problem if you don't shop. I actually don't think I buy enough.

 There's one fashionista that I have known for a lifetime. She's my sister, Bri is her name! We both enjoy this fashion thing the same. She's a big motivational figure in my obsession for putting together great looks. My fashion sense seemed to take off after I became a mother in December 2009. Farrah Christian, my fabulous daughter, has made me want this thing more and more.

I love styling, buying, and of course shopping. I could do it everyday if my purse allowed me to do so. But for now I want to spread my knowledge, love, and fashion energy to all that are just as passionate as I. I plan to do some designing in the near future, so stayed tuned.

Photos coming soon of great looks, inspirations, and wonderful fashion!!!


  1. I have been waiting for this from you! I anticipate and thoroughly enjoy ALL your posts on the Book about fashion and am excited to see what more you have to say on something dedicated ENTIRELY to the passion that is fashion. I find myself looking for things you've mentioned when shopping. And having 2 little girls to dress now I will absolutely be eager to hear your fashion tips for Jr. Fashionistas as well! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for following! I will be sure to keep you intrigued with styling knowledge. Yes the jr fashionistas will get some love as well. Stay tuned.